April 29th, 2010

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New Personal Project: TappGala

A little over a month ago I was helping a colleague find resources for UI design for the iPhone. Since he doesn’t own one, I was trying to link him up to a design gallery. There are a billion and one CSS design galleries, but oddly, I only found one iPhone design gallery. It didn’t seem like it was getting updated much, so I decided to design my own.

I had been posting a few shots on Dribbble as the design progressed, and now it’s finally ready to release into the wild. I kept thinking “What’s missing from this design?”, but the goal of the site is so basic that I kept coming up with blanks. I think for now, it’s get the job done in a simple manner.

I tapped David Mulder to help out with the development of the site. I’ve known him for years and thought this would be a good opportunity to work with him, and me focus more on the design.

The typeface I used for the logo and headers was Tungsten, which is easily becoming my new favorite typeface. This was my first time experimenting with the @font-face property, and it was easier than I thought it would be. The type rendering turned out much better than when I first used Cufon and sIFR on the site.

The icon set is called Iconic, which I also love, and am actually using on another project as well. While I’m glad the icons are free, I would have easily paid for them.

The minute I saw the Nivo Slider, I knew I wanted to use it for the individual app pages to cycle through screens. It’s one of the coolest sliders I’ve come across in a long time, and would definitely recommend it.

There are features that we want to add in the future, but we wanted to get the basics out of the door first. if there’s something that you think could add value to the site, feel free to comment here or through the TappGala contact page. And definitely submit app designs if there’s something you think we should have on the site.

So, go check it out, and let me know what you think.

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